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Series: PIER Edbag Series  
Post by chirayu
Research areas:
  • Computer & Information Science & Engineering
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences
PIER is an interdisciplinary pre-doctoral training program at Carnegie Mellon University aimed at preparing a new generation of researchers who will be: (a) grounded in cutting-edge theories and methodologies in cognitive and developmental psychology, statistics, human-computer interaction and instructional technology. (b) familiar with many of the fundamental problems facing education in America. (c) committed to applying their skills and knowledge to solving those problems. PIER provides up to 5 years of pre-doctoral support (in the form of stipend and tuition) to students who enter through the graduate admissions process in any of several PIER relevant departments at CMU, including Psychology, Statistics, Philosophy, Human Computer Interaction, as well as disciplinary departments such as Physics, Chemistry, and Mechanical Engineering, among others. (Although financial support is limited to U.S. Citizens or permanent residents, other qualified students may participate in PIER if they have other sources of support, such as various departmental fellowships and assistantships.)
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